April 10, 2008

Art workshop opportunities

clay workshop at artstream last weekend - get in on the fun!
Love to get into the creative process? Want to learn something new? Lots of opportunities here in NH from now until next September! I know I have told you about Megan Bogonovich and her work and peeked in with the camera to her last workshops - but she is at it again this weekend with another clay vessel workshop! Sign up here.
During the months of May and June we will have more clay workshops with Megan and to finally serve the niche of the jewelry maker, some high quality classes with SCAD graduate in metalsmithing - Makala Brown. Check our site right here to learn how to do everything from making a bezel set style earrings to properly stringing a pearl necklace!
Along the way into the summer there are painting classes which travel to outdoor locations and lots of children's fine art camps.

Come fall, I have been asked to participate in the exciting new Squam Arts Workshops with a group of very talented women. Not only does this location at one of our state's most beautiful lakes inspire, but people like Penelope Dullaghan, Andrea Scher, and Misty Mawn will be teaching there too! It's so exciting. Check out the details now right here and register soon - time's a wasting and spots are filling!

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LadyLinoleum said...

Megan is a genius! I'd so love to take a workshop from her. It's just that 3000 miles away thing that's keeping me from signing up. Bummer.