March 27, 2008

Red hydrant

red hydrant, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

Yes, this was taken on my morning walk yesterday.
an infamous snowbank which huddled around the hydrant.
notice the extra soft flakes which fell the night before to add that
woops! it's almost april look.

Luckily I found the red so enchanting I almost forgot it was spring.


© Shalom Schultz said...

I love the contrast! It's good to learn to appreciate the beauty of life in every kind of weather - since we have no control over it (still snowing here in IL too). =)

heather smith jones said...

i like the new spring header on the gallery shop site!

Susan Schwake said...

thank goodness we are not alone in the plight of the snow. it's snowing again today and well, it is an official snow day as well (closings everywhere) so I guess that we will hit the all time record of snowfall this year!
thanks heather - yes, the shop needed a little bit o spring!