March 24, 2008


Over at Etsy this morning I found the most spring-like pincushion - from the seller Ottoman.
I think this could perk up a sewing table fast! Wouldn't some little flower headed pins add to the woodland feel? Can you tell I am still doing the snow melt dance here?
I just love felted work and these are simply perfect!


mimi k said...

oh, I love these! Gotta go check em out :-)

Cally said...

back and blogging, these are such fun, and i see you have ulla too, i must delve in and read more.

i'm thinking melt, melt, melt so i hope those snowbanks are receding for you so that fresh blades of grass and small flowers can start popping through into the longer days.

Anonymous said...

These really are adorable. Maybe a little birdie on top too!

Anonymous said...

I so LOVE it!!! I always thought pincushions were charming, but this example is positively awesome! Can there be such a thing as a post-modern pincushion?

Anonymous said...

perfect for spring and easter! i'd be afraid though the grass would keep falling out. more suitable for decoration though. love your flower needle idea, and maybe a bird and a ladybug? so sweet

sarahelizabeth said...

cutest things i've ever seen! very nice blog this is my first visit and i'll be back!