February 12, 2008

February Love

tissueflowers, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.
Here is a sweet little papervase (from our frieinds at Kirkwood printing) and some tissue flowers one of my little students brought in. I paired them up to cheer up the studio today. It's that week of L O V E. The week where people get all cozy and crazy about L O V E.

Actually, I am pretty crazy in love myself, so each day is a celebration, not just once a year!

barbe saint john

But I digress - I wanted to point you in the general direction via some pretty amazing "lovely hearts" we have here on exhibition at the gallery.

amber lavalley

I will let the photos do the "talking" but let your clickty click fingers do the walking to link through to their pages in our shop. Each piece sold will benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. You can help make a difference. There is work from $10 up, from students, artists and crafts people from all over the world! We will gladly gift wrap it for free as well, just ask and we can send it to your own favorite "lovely heart"...

camilla stacey

Please spread the word and help us with the cause while spreading love this month!

cat baumgartner


muchacha K handmade said...

Awwww, loooooovve!

One Crabapple said...

Love your tissue flowers in the vase. Perfect couple.

And The Lovely Hearts....Gorgeous.

Course I am partial to the Catty one.

Love , s.