January 10, 2008


upon-air, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

Just a little peek of a new series I have started called atmosphere.
I will continue to add to this set at my flickr and from time to time show them to you here as well. This is the first 8x8 inch oil on birch panel.

It's a very busy day here at the gallery, so this is just a shortie post. I will be back tomorrow with lots of goodies to share. Keep those Lovely Hearts 2 pouring in. This weekend we will be putting them into the shop for a "preview". Here's to a little thaw in January - not that I am thrilled about 60F in January, but the negative numbers were starting to get old fast. Enjoy the day!


Matt Wyatt said...


Anonymous said...

I really like this piece.

andrea said...

The name and the atmospheric quality are both winners. Ethereal-looking. Nice work, Susan!

Andrea and Kim said...

Susan, I have just found your blog and love the work you are doing! Your sense of color and form are wonderful! I plan on returning to explore the other treasures you have hidden here.

Anonymous said...

oh i love the blue!
i am on the fence about lovely hearts. i still have my little vase from last year! would it be tacky to send it again? heheheheee.

susanna said...

OOoooh...Susan, this is beautiful...!