January 16, 2008

Unfinished and Unpublished

Marta from Studio Matador from Melbourne, Australia contacted me with this project/product which i find beguiling! (see definition #3 of Websters : to while away especially by some agreeable occupation - meet Unfinished and Unpublished
Yes, a diversion folks, a beautiful diversion! These collaborations between artists of limited edition notebooks are simply wonderful. Their collection is inspired by the philosophy of Wabi Sabi and - the best part - the impermanent and incomplete nature of the notebooks allows the end user to instill their own aesthetic and inspiration to finish what has remained unfinished.
Meticulously sewn bindings on hand made books are a true weakness of mine and these bindings are just that. Simply beautiful. I can see these being used in so many different applications. Want to see more? Just visit their studio site right here. Thanks Marta!


Geek+Nerd said...

Hi Susan - this post reminded me that I promised to send you a link to the Diary Project. Here it is - http://www.flickr.com/photos/fragiletender/sets/72157594498619372/ - Enjoy!

Cally said...

that looks very cool indeed.

we lost our internet connection twice in quick succession so i couldn't get the artstream address to post the package.

now i have it, but Mr P hasn't been getting out of his classes on time (he teaches) to get to the P.O. before it closes each day (he starts before it opens).

He thinks Friday lunchtime he may get a break if there are no surprises. Phew.

Incase my connection goes again I'll wish you a good weekend x

Anonymous said...

I saw these on finelittleday, their work is stunning!