January 08, 2008

Seen and Unseen, Scene II

mary bullock paintings

small screen by judith heller cassell

down the gallery on left

further down the gallery on left

corner of the shopping cubes

Adam Pearson's sculpture

shelves full of goodies

painting by Mary Bullock
More art on a brighter photo day from Seen and Unseen. Do plan a stop by if you are in the neighborhood! Click all photos for large views.


Rick said...

I love a good art gallery. Some very interesting pieces there. My "art" is not so serious.


Bibbi said...

Thank you for showing! It looks so good, I love the wood cuts. Good luck !

Leah said...

oo, mary bullock's paintings are gorgeous!

susanna said...

Wow...to be surrounded by so much beauty and creativity every day at work...one day I'll make it to your gallery!