January 29, 2008

Lovely Hearts 2

momento card from Cally, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

Cally sent over a packet of lovely hearts cards she made and included this beautiful cut paper card for me. I have been marveling at her work for sometime and it's a thrill to have her beautiful work in my hand.
More work going up into the shop today for the event on Friday night.
Click through to flickr to see this card of Cally's open a bit so the light comes through the cuttings. Thank you Cally!


Cally said...

Ooh, blushy blush. I was just popping by to say I had finally retrieved the scans to fill out my submission form. Never expected to see this here, I'm so glad the package arrived.

I paid the submission fee using Mr P's paypal account but put a note on it so you'd know it was from me. Sorry it's all a bit late, the past weeks have knocked me for six.

Ok, now I shall go and have a little catch up read while I'm here. Good luck with the show Susan xxx

Bibbi said...

I'm a little behind with everything, just looked at the heart photos, they are lovely! and inspiring. and the spirit is warming my heart :)