December 28, 2007

hot chocolate time

hot chocolate time, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

yeah, it's Friday. Hard to know isn't it?
This is just a little post to show my favorite purchase of 2007. At a local thrift store in town I found this little four cup beauty. As we use a coffee press, I designated it to the hot chocolate duty.
It is perfect. Four cups for $5. What a steal. Is everyone enjoying time away? What are you doing?
We had some nice company at the gallery today. Teeni and her husband popped by for a look and went home with some lovely pieces. What a good eye she has! (and really nice person to boot)
Enjoying the snow here with beautiful morning skies and a little extra napping time each day. Very splendid indeed. Enjoy your weekend and start thinking about your Lovely Hearts pieces. Here is a local article on the show last year. Posting the skinny on this year's exhibition on Monday here. Until then, have a wonder filled weekend!


Cally said...

too sore for full typing but had to say my package came and i am overwhelmed by the beauty and generosity! thank you so much, all will have immediate pride of place (even though I'm not in my own house).

i feel so honoured just to know you through our blogs, but to have been given these beautiful and special pieces of your creativity just means so so much, especially this week while things are harder than usual, so I'm glad the post was delayed.

Thank you Susan, you have brightened my day in more ways than you can know, and your pieces will be hung and placed to keep brightening my days to come.

I'm barely online at all this week so in case I don't get the chance on the weekend, I'd like to wish you a truly Happy New Year! Hugs and kisses from this tartan country that would most delightfully welcome you back for a cup of tea xxx

heather smith jones said...

yes it is definately hot chocolate time! I drink a cup every night in the winter! Your white set is so great, I'm glad you found it!
I'm also thrilled Teeni made it safely to the gallery! I hope to hear more about that trip :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Susan, I love your purchase too! What a wonderful thing to have for your hot chocolate! Funny that was in your post tonight. TGH and I had actually both been drinking hot chocolate during our drive to the gallery! Thanks for the link, the wonderful companionship today, and the tip about the restaurant. We did try the Thai cuisine and we both really enjoyed it. I'll be posting more on this adventure tomorrow! Gotta go upload my pics! Again, so glad to have finally met you! Hugs to you! :)

Amy said...

Susan, great little pot. I love it, and am realizing I should start going in those stores, I drive by them all the time. Enjoy your hot chocolate!

Anonymous said...