December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007!

today's afternoon sky
The year grows old and is covered in snow here, the sun is shining brilliantly illuminating my thoughts of the past year.
Two words come to mind.
Thank you.
Thank you for the richness, the friendship, the love, the generosity and the creative goodness you all have imparted to me, to this blog and the lives of it's readers.
Thank you too for your kindness and willingness to jump in and help a cause, such as the Lovely Hearts. Or the Art Aids Art show from Sandy's tip off. There's real heart out there in the 'sphere. There have been so many incredible new bonds this year we have made with artists here at artstream too. Finding them around the corner or across the globe. It's all be possible because of the amazing network of blogging. I won't get too mushy here, but with a real swelling of gladness in my own heart, I thank you, each and every one. I wish you all a wonderful evening tonight too, whatever you do!

I did promise to release the Lovely Hearts form, heart code, and information today. It's live now, ready for your lovely entries. Please spread the word, grab the code for your blog and get involved. We are so very much looking forward to your participation!

The last word for the year is simply: peace. There is true strength in peace. Let's create it.


Linda O'Neill said...

And thanks for your wonderful blog, Susan. It's always a joy to read. Happy New Year!

heather smith jones said...

Thank you for the beauty and peace that you share!
Thank you too for the wonderful surprise I got in the mail :)

Mary Anne Davis said...

Thank you, Susan and happy new year! Check out my blog. I posted a link to the Valentine show. Let's touch base later this week. :) mad (not mad, but mad!)

carla said...

Happy New Year to you and your family Susan! I hope this year blesses you with the things you cherish most. xox - Carla