November 13, 2007

Love Boat by Megan Bogonovich

Well, what will the girl think of next? Megan has had quite a busy year folks, with a successful show last summer with us to becoming a NH State Council fellow, (fellow-tress?) to being chosen for Fragiles at DesignMiami December.
What can't this woman do? We are so pleased to have two new large scale works to show of hers at the gallery within the next month too! Here's the Love Boat, it just landed and what a sea cruise it is!
Some people have commented on the objects in the boat, curious to know what they are... in fact Darryl thought they were teacups rendering them "lost at tea" - now that is MY kind of humor... but I digress.
They are polyps.Some are loose for playing with and rearranging.
This will be going into the shop before the week's end. It just makes me smile!


Geek+Nerd said...

Before you said teacups or polyps, I would have voted on calamari. This couple might have an intense love for their calamari boats. Yum! Kidding aside - this is really beautiful!

Linda O'Neill said...

Love it...makes me smile too!

heather smith jones said...

her imagination is explosive! {in a good way} :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the loveboat !