November 09, 2007

The last leaves of fall

the last leaves of fall, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

outside our studio window the lone leaves cling to the tree. Snow is predicted to flurry tomorrow. How can that be? The sun still shines brightly though, so it is all bearable. Working hard ... busy busy busy - paperdoll calendars, new cards, and lots of new beautiful items floating in on UPS wings.
Check the shop for some new wonderful things this weekend - yes, I will be putting more goodies into entice you all!

More from the exhibition, new Hadley Hutton to pop into the shop (beautiful beautiful!) and our new glass artist Heather Palmer's work started to arrive late today and NEW Megan Bogonovich work. Lots to tell, but will save it for Monday.
Enjoy your weekend!


heather smith jones said...

what a lovely window! what is the brick building next door?

Anonymous said...

I love little glimpses out the window of interesting people, especially interesting artists. This was so neat! Snow!??! Now?!?! As a Mississippi girl, this is just foreign to me. Enjoy!


Karen Beth :)