November 05, 2007

Five Fast ones by Susan Schwake

After some hounding and a-do, here are my five fast ones. Seems odd to interview oneself, but it's not too "interview-y". The photo is something I took for a blogging friend after completing my other creative love: cooking! (falafel, it's so yummy!)

1. Your name and your business title if you have another name for your work.
Susan Schwake (art esprit)

2. What art do you find really exciting right now?
I am "re-finding" the work of joseph cornell quite interesting at the moment. it seems there are so many people out there making art right now which incorporates his style and ideas from his "boxes" so of course those artists are exciting to me too. Oh I would be amiss if I didn't mention that I can never wait to see what Megan Bogonovich will make next. That is really exciting.

3. What sort of day is a good art day for you?
Good art days are when everything is put aside for the pure pleasure of making art, uninterrupted.

4. Do you like working out of your normal medium? if so what do you play
I like to work with wax, clay and textiles. All of which I struggle with and that makes me think.

5. What are you listening to for music currently?
I love Pandora radio - but am very much into quiet. Listening to music - for me - is an engaging activity. When I do listen I enjoy John Coltrane, Ella Fitzgerald, David Byrne, David Sylvian and Regina Specktor. .. among a zillion others!


red-handed said...

a} Joseph Cornell is the coolest.

b} Have you seen the work of Henry Darger?

c} Music: what about Nina Simone!!

Pat said...

Oh Susan. What is that luscious-ness on your platter?????

Belinda said...

oooh, i finally worked out getting an account so i can comment here again! i love falafel, looks so yummy! and i enjoyed reading your answers.

Susan Schwake said...

ooh thanks red for the henry darger piece... love that look.
nina simone, god yes. i just got lazy and didn't put it all down.
the post would have been waaaaay too long.

pat - falafel!

carla said...

Ah - you like like a goddess offering magical sustenance! I love falafel! The Mapping show looks like a really fine exhibit - I do wish we were closer so we could just pop up and see it. I am with you on #3 - a long day of uniterrupted art time is pure joy:> Hope all's well -

angela said...


i miss you. and coming by hear, seeing you and that smile... you are wonderful and beautiful!

sending you a kiss and love!