October 08, 2007

Sarah Burns Orbs and Jars

larger orb camel and grey with dots

medium orb sand colored

split jar camel and gray colored

medium orb blue and gray colored

larger orb dotty rust colored

gray and rust colored orb with lines

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend with sunshine and family, good times and perhaps some creative outlet? We spent most of our weekend outside, picking apples, walking and driving through the perfect New Hampshire roadways filled with changing leaves warm weather and a two language conversation. Because of our travels I neglected the shop a bit so to answer some questions - the work is going in today! We made a new section with just new arrivals, so you can find them easily there first.
Sarah Burns work is always available in our shop under ceramics and when she is an exhibitor those works also go under the current exhibition too. Pop over to the shop for prices and sizes.
Cooling off here today, so time to pull out those woolies!


heather smith jones said...

ooh, her work has such a nice shape, and of course I reeeaaallly like the surface patterns with the dots! :)

Janets Planet said...

Oh, way back, when the L'eggs pantyhose containers came out, I used one as a form to make something very similar. Brings back memories.

Susan Schwake said...

yes, the photos heather don't show the fullness of the dots, but each piece is full of texture. some comes from the soda firing, some from her forms. each one is a vessel with a cover. some you can see that some not so easily.
i imagine wonderful creatures hatching from these orbs.
leggs - janvangogh- wheee! i almost remember those! too funny....