October 15, 2007

Monkey Biz + Art Aids Art

creating new ideas for dolls in South Africa

some of the famous Bigger than Barbie dolls
So much is happening at artstream this next month. artstream is proud to be part of our new Art Stroll in downtown Rochester - it is held the first Friday of every month now, from 5-7 p.m.. We have an exciting new show opening on this stroll, November 2nd called "Mapping the Way". The next day we are hosting a charitable event, November 3rd, called Art Aids Art which is replacing our annual short film festival, filmstream. and if that were not enough, we have artwork from 8 of our artists being transported down to Market 100 in Portsmouth to be part of a "sampling show" for galleries in the area.That opens up the same day as the stroll so Mary Jo will be attending that while I stay at the gallery.

Whew! I am so happy about each and everyone of these events and really looking forward to the screening of the documentary film, which goes along with the Art Aids Art program. We felt so strongly about this film that we chose to push off filmstream one year. (hey, that gives you all more time to finish that film... right?)
The charming little dolls you see up there in the photos are all part of this amazing project.
Read more about it here... come and see the film "Bigger than Barbie" at artstream on the 3rd... and check out some of the amazing beadwork from Monkey Biz... all started by a couple of women wanting to make a difference. Monkey Biz proves the theory again that it doesn't take a crowd of people to change the world. Just one or two with a passion. Barbara Jackson and Shirley Fintz were just these two people.


Beertje Zonn said...


Look my site , I make bears ( Beertje Zonn)
Kind regards,
Sonnja , from the Netherlands

red-handed said...

So, so cool. Still, you need to slow down, sister, or risk becoming the Joyce Carol Oates of the NH art scene.

Anonymous said...

These events are what make a good art gallery a great one. Community events that are civic-minded and include more than "just art" is where it's at! artstream is such an oasis.
Wish I was closer to attend, but I'll be back in that neck of the woods around Thanksgiving. Will stop by to say hello ;)
~ Jeff Palmer

Susan Schwake said...

oh you two flatterers.

Anonymous said...

these dolls are most delightful!!! sounds all like something i would just love to see in real

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, Susan, you are a wonderwoman. And with a heart of gold! Those beaded dolls are pretty amazing, aren't they?