October 17, 2007

Megan Bogonovich ... part 2

numbers 4,5,6 unusual growth ... click for detailed image!
I have three new pets here at the studio. They followed me home last night. Unusual growths #4, 5, 6 from Megan Bogonovich. Each one has a little personality all their own, looking for an owner to take them home and give them a REAL name.
In the shop today. edit: psst: there is ONE more in there too. four little doggies!


heather smith jones said...

I said it before yet I'll say it again, magnificent! These are so great, and someday I will take one home and name it. :)

Anonymous said...

They crack me up!! hehehe...weird and funny at the same time

Anonymous said...

love them!


Ulla said...

Don't all dogs have growths like this??? LOL, they remind me of some of my neighbors...!