October 05, 2007

Gocoo In the Studio

play on bluesky monotype 11x16 inches
Many people have been inquiring about how I like the Gocco. Like it? Love it!
Well, I went crazy. You see, years ago I had one and thought is was ok. This was at a time when I was doing etchings, lithographs and some silkscreening pretty full time as a student. Then a Gocco crossed my path. I inherited one and used it a bit, thinking that it was pretty cool and quick in processing compared to what I was working with at the time... but honestly, I lost interest in it, and passed it on to someone, somewhere, at sometime. Kind of the way it came to me.
About 7 years ago I acquired another one, through an artstore closing down and having a huge "yardsale" of sorts. I bought the whole lot of mish-moshed items which proved to be a real "find" at the time. Except for the Gocco. Sadly I ignored it and it went unused and then passed on again to a deserving student.
Enter new/old Gocco procured fairly reasonably at ebay and well, ripped open and jubilantly fired up upon said opening.
I had some ideas from old illustrations from the past year - so I was pretty happy to try them out on the Gocco. I have been enjoying printing on monotype backgrounds (like the above and the previous post) that I have held onto for ages. I like printing them also on top of the vintage book pages I was given by a librarian friend. Also I am going to try to make some holiday cards and this years calendar may just be printed on the gocco too! We will see!
Lobster cha cha cha is the latest,
Play and Friend of Nature all in runs of 30 have been made along with some cards and matching envelopes. Today I just received my new stamping gocco equipment, so I can now print up some textiles. New ink colors too so I can mix up a batch of new colors for my next adventures. Which will be very soon. Printmaking is one of my favorite things to do.

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Anonymous said...

Cool! I only recently heard of a Gocco from another blogger in NJ and I thought she was saying Go-Go. :) I like the images, Susan. The first image brings to my mind the idea of being lifted from a depression. And I like your swirly waves with the lobster.