October 29, 2007

BA0212 by Edibeth Farrington

Another GEM from our upcoming show: "Mapping the Way".
Here's a little game for you gentle readers....
If you can leave a comment below explaining the title of this piece correctly, you will win a little prize from artstream!
Put on your thinkin' caps!


Kristin L said...

I'm pretty sure BA 0212 is a British Airways flight from Logan Airport in Mass, USA to Heathrow Airport in England. What significance it has to the artist, or whether a single prop airplane could make the flight is beyond me.

Thanks for sharing beautiful art.

Anonymous said...

edibeth wants to visit london from boston.

she's tired of all the snow, the sleet, and the gray
skies. she doesn't care that the boston red sox won
all over again. her heart is somewhere else. sometimes
she listens to "cities" by the talking heads and gets

she once visited london after college and had a torrid
affair with a handsome chelsea soccer player. they met
in trafalgar square while he was trying out his new
camera. of course, he could never share the tender
arty side of him with his team-mates.

she longs to be in his arms again.
--swampgirl-- mc

Susan Schwake said...

ha@ you are both right... send me your addresses and post haste a gifty will fly to you.
thanks for playing!

Anonymous said...

Hey.... Have no idea who anonymous is but THANKS for that great and sexy tale. So wish more of it were true!!!