September 18, 2007

tiny harvest

tiny harvest, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

just a photo i took sunday of our beans and some parsley.
thinking about how much i love natural green colors and enjoy growing things in our tiny garden plot.
today is a printmaking day, the gelatin awaits! Lots to do - and a surprise or two tomorrow -
enjoy your day!

p.s. happiness and love to stephanie levy and their new baby lucy!


Angela Wales Rockett said...

I love your gelatin prints. I've managed to try it a couple of times and it's something I really want to delve into. So much potential!

Lovely green harvest.

heather smith jones said...

ooh, i heart surprises and green beans!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful color.

Yay for Stephanie! Lucy...such a great name. Best to them.

Anonymous said...

i love anything green, especially green things i can eat! there is something so deeply satisfying about growing your own food.

i had no idea you were in traveling distance from the fogg museum at harvard! i love art museums, but i usually have to "dupe" Shep into believing that it is a spontaneous "just walking by the museum, so the what the hell" thing.

Gretchen said...

Ahhh, these look so fresh and yummy. I wish I had an outdoor space for a garden. Enjoy!