September 11, 2007

Erik Boettcher's Holiday Inn

Erik Boettcher's Holiday, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

sneak peek from the new show here at artstream! Tom Glover has created a huge series of abstractions based on Fenway Park. Sarah Burns has constructed amazing flowing vases and larger than life bead stacks for the main gallery show.
Mixed media work - by friend, Erik Boettcher - part of the eQuinox show also featuring Roger Allen's skateboard deck photos. Shooting some gallery shots when the sun returns. Stay tuned... it's more than exciting, it's playful!

The word for the day is pour ... as in pour your heart into it, the rain falling outside and pour me another one Jeeves, won't you?


One Crabapple said...

This is really KOOL !

you got RAIN ? luckeeeee !

pouring maple syrup on snow.....?mmm.

One Crabapple said...

oh I looked up his other pieces on the link / flicker photo ! VERY KOOL. Love them all !

Funky Finds said...

love this piece! great colors.