September 12, 2007

Community art projects

the original plan was to have them horizontal,
then we found out the space was vertical... no problem!

Community art projects are part of my life. Since 1997, I have been helping groups of people make art. Sometimes it is to display in a public place like a library or public building, other times the participants take home the art to keep. This summer I worked with around 40 people, all with special needs, to create a piece of work for a new pediatric clinic in a local hospital here. The space was being designed by a company in the midwest and all I had to go by was two color chips (online!) and a couple of photos of chairs which were being purchased for the room.
A challenge to say the least! If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you may remember the original drawing for it posted here. (on May 21st)

the artwork, finished, not installed
We attached them to the background and Voila! My design and their work was complete. We installed it last week and got a quick shot of it. I was floored at the beautiful interior that our piece was living in. The project managers are thrilled with the piece too! The cloud above the droplets was a complete and utter bonus, don't you think? I am always happiest when projects like this are in process, however with this one, the end product was really something to write about! I apologize for the low quality photo below. Professional photos will be forthcoming after October 1 from the press release. I am planning to use my design again in personal art work as well as another piece which I am planning for another public location.

installed in the clinic


Funky Finds said...

beautiful! what a rewarding project!

carla said...

Susan - this turned out so beautifully! It's a WOW!

One Crabapple said...

Enchanted by this project !

I am inspired to do rain drops too !

Yes, you are right ! The Cloud ! A DEFINITE BONUS

This perked that office up tenfold.

They MUST be thrilled.

LadyLinoleum said...

Not only is this a wonderful way to make art, but the work itself is absolutely amazing. Awesome!