August 07, 2007

Tiny traffic cones

small, but vibrant! nothing amazing in art, but fun to earn!
Well, you guessed it. Tiny traffic cones, Stephanie, (and all ...)
They are part of the children's summer reading program prize bag. Each year when I was a child, in Cedar Rapids Iowa, the local public library CRPL, had "read a hundred books program" in the summer. For each of the ten books you read, you received a small ceramic prize (think Tetly Tea animal size) relating back to the theme of the program. They were made by one of the local art schools in our city - manned with more than one artist.

One year it was Under the Sea. I had a mermaid, octopus, starfish and I remember a gold chest, because I still have it to this day. Three years ago, I decided to make some for our library. They are not high art. They are not even low art. They are something only a child could love. But it IS fun to make and to give. And the children love them.

I couldn't make a series as there is only me (and ok, some of my family help too!) but we managed to make 130 aliens the first year for the "Reading is out of this world" program, and then 130 parrots for the pirate theme last year. This year it was Reading Road Trip. I was stumped at first at what to make. Little VW's? Tiny maps? Then daughter Grace said, traffic cones! So hence the above in the most lovely shade of neon orange. No glaze would do. Spray paint it was. Feeling like going further with that medium...

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What a fantastic program!!