August 29, 2007

Summer's Last Days

four 6x6 mixed media paintings currently at the Salmon Falls Village Gallery

Little girls playing and giggling along the steps in the back yard, the sun warming the frangrant grass and a cool nip in the air reminds me that there is not much time left in what we will remember as the summer of 07. It was rich and full and warm. Let's stretch it out a little further? These thoughts and smells and feelings bring floods of memories back to me from the past summers, mingled with this one. A little glad to have had the time to laze about a bit, a little sad that structure is upon us again and a little warm glowing feeling inside that you might steal a few more days of summer.

The word for the day is ... thankful ... for family, friends both near and far and summer!


Anonymous said...

I think Robert McCloskey had similar summer sentiments, especially this time of year.

His children's book "Time of Wonder" brings back a lot of memories for me -- as does your post! Thing is, those children grow into adults. Thankfully we can appreciate his work at any age. ;)

Always a treat to read about life back east.

Jeff Palmer

Susan Schwake said...

yes jeff! from a time of wonder ... love that book!

Anonymous said...

There's a nice little piece by columnist Sue Quinlan in the Portsmouth Herald ( that I thought was worth mentioning:

URL here

Hey, technically summer ain't over 'til September 22, right??

~ Jeff Palmer

Anonymous said...

I sooooo know what you mean, Susan. I hope that you have an extra long, relaxing weekend!