August 10, 2007

Stephanie Levy

We received a letter awhile back from Stephanie Levy of Munich, Germany. She found us through our ad at Poppytalk - (thanks Jan!) and she asked if we would have a look at her work. At first glance I knew that we would be most interested in showing her beautiful collages and paintings at the gallery.
Have a look right here at her portfolio - don't miss the Trendfarben and the series on "details" - it's all beautiful. I really love the way her work softly creeps up to the drawing lines from the bold placement of color. It gives one the feeling of entering a room and looking about it for the first time.
Stephanie and her husband are both artists who studied for the MFA at Berlin's University of Art. I am happy to say that we will have some of these pieces and some new work from Stephanie before the year is out.
Here are a few word directly from the artist:
I am an American artist/illustrator who has been living in Germany for the past 11 years. I mostly make collages and paintings on paper, wood, and canvas, and I incorporate a variety of materials including origami paper and gold leaf. As you probably noticed, the main subjects of my work are interior settings. I gather images from all types of sources, from IKEA catalogs to old issues of Better Homes and Gardens. I like to think of the images I use as "fictional interiors" because most of the photos in the magazines and catalogs depict interiors where no one really lives!


Anonymous said...

Her work is interesting, Susan. I can see why you are drawn to it.
PS - I'm looking forward to seeing you in NYC soon.

Michelle said...

Oh I love that stuff, very fresh and colorful.

Unknown said...

It's really great and I love the way it is bright and crisp and has so many dimensions of creativity.

Susan Schwake said...

i agree laundrygirl + michelle. it is SO crisp and fun.

deb said...

so nice! i can't wait to see it person - let me know when it arrives!

eb said...

interesting work

xox - eb.