August 02, 2007

painting class out at the pond

Last Tuesday I took my adult painting class out to Patrick's (another one of my students and woodworker extraordinare...) home just 10 minutes away from the studio. He has a lovely property with a pond with lilypads, lots of trees and loads of boulders. Everyone was pressed into action as it was an earlier sundown than we thought with the big trees encircling the spot.
That proved to be a good thing for everyone as much information was put to canvas right from the start. The only problem is that it is so secluded we actually lost two students on the way ...
We'll be doing this again ... thanks Pat!
(here's Pat with the small boat that he is building for a client)


andrea said...

What fun! Of course I'd be wanting to sneak inside and paint a picture of Pat's boat frame. Great lines!

And Happy (belated) Birthday! I'm thinking it was a biggie, right? If so, congratulations.

Anonymous said...

perfect environment for a painting class. looks fabulous. and i just love your colorful new header!!