July 11, 2007

Kuhl Studios

add an umlaut please over the "u" in Kuhl. Blogger won't let me!
Guido from Kuhl (think...cooouullle) sent me a lovely note and link to his beautiful gallery site earlier this week. Here are my favorites from this Traverse City Michigan artisan, whose work I would love to have installed in my home! Click through his gallery to see all the different works he has in glass doors and windows. Breathtaking! It reminds me of all the beautiful doors we see in the German neighborhoods near my husband's home.
A little bit about Guido:

Guido Goldkuhle
A second generation stained glass craftsman trained in all aspects of the trade by Dieter Goldkuhle, a recognized master stained glass artisan. Worked on windows at the Washington National Cathedral, and Duke Chapel at Duke University. Undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia 1988. Graduate degree from Wake Forest University 1996.


Anonymous said...

oo, i love this! i'm such a fan of glass and i'd love to install some pieces like this in my future home as well.

Anonymous said...

A lady who commissions me often has a huge stained glass masterpiece in one of her Bathrooms.It is all trees and leaves etc.It would be such an amazing thing to view something like that daily.I'm off to check out this site, thanks for the link :)

Anonymous said...

I was just on his site and I have to agree the tree design is amazing ! I love the circle theme throughout, really beautiful !

Anonymous said...

Gasp! His work is incredible!

Judy Rys said...

Stunning. A true glass master.