June 17, 2007

Summer comes along

growing in a pot in our back garden - the colors wake me up!
What a wonderful weekend. Perfect weather, croquet, pingpong, endless chatting, amazing food, family and fun. (pop over to my flickr if you want to see some more of that) On to summer now! Taking a little break from here for a couple of days, but leaving you with some links to explore...
  • I wrote a new post up at Bizbox - (all about things which have inspired and influenced the way we do business at artstream)
  • Saw some pretty neat things through the eyes of jan over at poppy with renagade craft fair in Brooklyn...sigh, next time! note jan's new banner, i just love it.
  • crust station had a post which captured my attention on fairgrounds and circus because it had some great links to coney island- a special spot in the world to me.
  • a great new product from Herman Miller - called c2 climate control (it's going to get hot here soon...) via MoCo Loco
  • a great sounding call for "edgey crafters" at freshlyblended blog in case you missed it?
  • this amazing house posted over at sfgirlbybay blog - truly pink. wow!
  • a fine clock which would satisfy my thirst for fonts... via swissmiss
  • bblinks - a new to me blog full of great linkity links!
  • three layer cake does it again (of course I am late in even mentioning this) but in case you missed it - The new design trend - paper! Full of photos to make you want to go out and buy even more paper. oh! and if you have not seen the wonderful photography from Kristina, check out her flickr pages - beautiful!
So off for a few days to college orientation with the dh and freshly graduated daughter. I am completely thrilled to be kicking away from the computer and work in general, so don't take it personally - I still love you best and will be back soon.
The word for the day is - direct, as in dial, conversation and no b.s. Have a wonderful Monday!


Anonymous said...

I love the cartoon version of you over at bizbox. :*)

Cally said...

it's so great that you are finally getting proper good summerlicious weather and enjoy it in all the best ways possible - and croquet, hee hee, love that.

your well wishes reached me on a burst of sunshine today, very nice and meant i got a little garden tidying done, and finally potted up some of my gooseberry bushes. i'm going to have some seriously good fruit next year.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all those links! I plan on spending some time reading those bizblog posts