June 28, 2007

MuchachaK Bags are here!

Last year, our dear intern Mattie introduced me to Katy Brown's line of bags - called MuchachaK. Katy is a busy NH girl working hard for the South End Market down in Boston and stocking artstream with ultra sweet bags made from some of the finest selections of textiles I have seen. Subtle and beautifully designed I fell in love with the small clutch and zipper pouch as yes gentle reader, I still misplace my keys often! The makeup bag has already been a big hit too.
The big bonus with MuchachaK is that not only are her bags well designed and hip looking, Katy herself is a genuine peach of a person and an ultra organized business woman - something we are always thankful for in our shop.


Linda O'Neill said...

Very nice...love the designs and the fabric IS gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Love these fabrics...beauties!