June 12, 2007


Cuckoo Clock$180.00
Wood & Clock Mechanism

My DH is rolling his eyes over this post, but I can't resist a good Black Forest Cuckoo clock! (ok harz is not anywhere near the Black Forest...) We have seen ones similar to these whilst traveling through the Black Forest on the way to friend Angela. This particular one is so lovely I think, because of it's natural wood tone. It is available at Kiosk right here and will satisfy all your needs for time... which today seems to be ticking away a bit faster than ususal...
Also at the fabulous Kiosk is the beautiful, handmade comb from Groetsch. The Groetsch family has been making these combs since 1848, it is a father, mother and daughter operation, which is pretty incredible as their combs are fairly well represented in Germany. The father's father was the last master comb maker in Germany. Today all of the work is still done in the traditional way by hand. Read more about them here and to purchase.
I can't leave this post today without mentioning a beautiful post which you might not have seen yet - Cally gave us a peek into her world of art with her pods in drawings and sculpture.


Cally said...

I was coming for my usual visit, what a surprise to find myself here! Very thrilled to be seen over here. Thanks gorgeous woman

eek, just saw with excitement your winter painting on the CD, how cool is that. it looks fab on there.

blimey, you have posted SO much in the last two weeks, I can hardly believe it, how do you do so much and still find the time to post it all... is there some cloning going on here? I live 10mins from where they cloned Dolly the Sheep, maybe I should pop round and get another me made to do the things I'm avoiding by blogging instead.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I like cuckoo clocks, too! We grew up with one in our home and I think that it's still up at my mom's place. Cally's drawings are beautiful, aren't they?!

PS - Have you heard from Angela lately? I've been missing her posts.

PSS - When are you coming down to NYC/Brooklyn? Don't forget to email me with those dates so we can meet up, OK? :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pod drawing ! I seen the sculptures today too, very interesting work.