June 25, 2007

Albina McPhail seeds and pods

Nothing says summer growth to me like Albina's seeds and pods.
See them here. Don't see the one you want? Email me, for availability.
Each is a gem. All are beautiful! She uses acrylic and ink to get the layers upon layers of lovely color. Small yet powerful.


Jan said...

Aren't they lovely! I'll bet they look great in a grouping.

andrea said...

I love her work. One day I'll get me one.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful artworks - I think they are delicious, am going to check them out right now!

Mary lin Huskamp said...

Love the pods. The colors are so lovely.

Anonymous said...

I like the modern take on the style of these.

Anonymous said...

Seed pods...what a lovely idea, such great shapes and texture!

I saw another artist doing seed pods...I wish I could remember where I saw that!! Maybe here??