May 14, 2007

Sarah Burns

makes beautiful sculptural soda fired pottery. Here is her "twist" vase. The little hole at the top of the vase makes it for me. Her work will be featured in a summer exhibition here with a couple of other artists. This vase and some of her work will appear in the online shop too. Stay tuned!
I hope everyone had a lovely mother's day somehow yesterday. We did at chez Schwake. It's good to be pampered!


Anonymous said...

wow. this is a beautiful piece. can't wait to see more. i've got to figure out how to do "soda ash" in my little kiln!

Ester Wilson said...

gorgeous vase! Thanks a million for sharing this, it's so beautiful!

Cally said...

I always forget that UK and US mother's days are different, glad yours was nice.

Love how this vase looks like a cross between a pitcher plant and a seed case.