May 15, 2007

Retro-mode, flashback fever

You know the feeling - the one when you hear a song from the past, or see an image which launches a thousand memories. While thrifting last Saturday at my local thrift nook, I saw a pile of cassette tapes. Great music in a really bad format.
My "green" side wished there was something I could do with them. My creative side said, "but what?" My spring cleaning side said, "Back Away!" I have seen crocheted cassette tape, but the plastic cases were seemingly unuseful. No more! Here is the coolest thing since the return of pegleg jeans. Via designboom. Anything to reduce our plastic waste is all right by me. These are a sweet little side trip down memory lane, designed by Marcella Foschi, Italy. Found at the designboom shop.
Yeah, they are not cheap, but each one is an original, each one is made by hand, and each one is so useful!


Pat said...

Wow, I think those recycled cassetts are great. And boy do I know that 'love-hate' thing about thrifting. We were on our way to the Farmer's Market on Saturday and stopped at yard sales on the way ..... and thought, "I have no business here"....I should be having my OWN yard sale. But I just couldn't resist that wonderful beach hat. Those fantastic monogrammed linens sheets (early 20th century!) & the paperback book. ..........

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! I like this idea of reusing old objects, particularly tapes that will probably never see the inside of a tape deck again.