February 13, 2007

Wooden Teardrop

It was $2 and so how could I say no? I couldn't. But what to do with it. Assemblage time. It was beckoning to me at the thrift shop. It is a nice wooden teardrop! Go see what shelterrific found, now THAT is way cool!


Laura said...

oh my gosh. i am seething with jealousy over here. that is beautiful.
i have been doing a little assemblage (i had to look up that word, but I think it accurately describes my work. thanks for expanding my vocabulary) lately, using little houses i got half off at the craft store. actually, there is a picture of one in my last blog post. and the other one is pictured, with a group of other collage work, on an entry dated 1-12-07. if you're interested, here's the address
anyway, can't wait to see what becomes of the beautiful wooden drop. lovely find.

Anonymous said...

OMG you got that for $2?? you are so lucky. I am currently looking for pieces do do a little bit of home Decor. I can not wait to see what you come up with.

Anonymous said...

great find! only that it screams wing to me hehe

Anonymous said...

Two BUCKS? We should have a contest - best flea market find for the money. This is really the best score I've seen in ages (although I love shelterrific's naked needlepoint.)

Anonymous said...

Neat find Susan ! I love it when people can look past an object and see it as something new.