February 15, 2007

It gave up the go...

a moment of silence please.
Our car has passed over to the greenfields of eternal parking.
Where the grass is soft, the metermaids are always at lunch and the tires never go bald.
At least the sun was shining brightly today for the event. Freezing rain would have done me in.
Above is one of our favorite guys around, Bob. He did his best. He gave it his all. It's over.
Ah well, we have our health, our undying love for each other, a great business, amazing friends, and adorable children. That's the true perspective. Cars are simply a freakin pain in the arse. Yeah, the car died, but really, it's just a great opportunity to introduce you to Bob, his "office" and his amazing license plate collection.
(for those of you who knew donald, bob is really his twin brother from different mothers)

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Anonymous said...

I hope your car is having a gas up in car heaven! Maybe he/she will be reincarnated as an Indie 500 racecar!