February 06, 2007

Everyday beauty

Lots of people are talking about beauty in the "everyday". I love that. Simplicity and sanity, lifting up the ordinary, savoring the sweetness of each moment. My moment each day begins with our spoons. I love to buy spoons in Germany each year. They are everywhere. They have a spoon for everything you could imagine. Each and everyone of them have a historical moment in my life behind them. Silly, everyday kind of moments. The pressed glass container I have owned for years, which served no purpose until 7 years ago when I started buying spoons. Lovely marriage of beauty and usefulness.


mimi k said...

beautiful light, beautiful photo.

Anonymous said...

that is a beautiful photo susan. I love it. :*) I initially thought it was your makeup brushes but upon inspection and reading your post i realise that they were spoons!! and beautiful spoons too

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo, Susan. I was noticing my childhood fork while I was at my mom's place this past weekend. Little, "everyday" things connected to fond memories... Are you going to do Penelope's assignment?

Linda said...

oh your so right i have my grandmas beautiful bubble glass for years now i use it when i paint, it makes me feel good.
beautiful photo!

Anonymous said...

Simple Beauty soaks in without hooray. I like that.

One Crabapple said...

This photo came out wonderful.

The container is beautiful ( I want that ! )

I did not stop to think that that is what draws me to photos like this....The Everyday.

Thanks !