February 02, 2007

Chris Wilhelm at Lovely Hearts

We promised great tunes for our Lovely Hearts opening and we plan on delivering!
Chris Wilhelm from Boston, has agreed to play at our event with his acoustic guitar and haunting voice. Love will be in the air along with the scent of chocolate and an overwhelming abundance of "Lovely Hearts" in art form. Close to 120 pieces of artwork have arrived at the gallery or are en route today - all of which will appear in the gallery shop and our artstreamstudios website soon! Make your choices now, shipping will be directly to you right after the event! Some work is already sold, but a lot of beautiful new items are being put in the shop this weekend.
Thank you to Andrea Kulish for introducing Chris to our gallery and event. Click here for a preview of his music. Come to the event for the live version.


Laura said...

Good luck with your *lovely hearts* event Susan! was hoping to get something done for it to help out, ran out of time - maybe for your next one?!

kstyle said...

Susan I can't wait for the slideshow next saturday. Wish I could be there in person. It is going to be so fabulous. What a wonderful idea and a fundraiser too. Awesome. k

Anonymous said...

What a large circle you have created !! Lovely hearts started with your generous heart!!