January 15, 2007


Here are some old illustrations from a dear friend, mon amie, Agnes. (I am hoping that she isn't too mad at me for showing them to you.) She and I met 7 years ago this month at a very- new -at- that time site called "isketch". It is an online pictionary type game which , whoo hoo, was i thrilled to find. Finally, someone would play pictionary with me!
The young man who created it, Robert Wahlstedt is from Sweden, a great person and talented beyond belief as a programmer and designer.We all decided to meet up in NYC when his brand new game was up for a prize from Macromedia. Six friends from five countries! It was amazing.

Agnes is from Paris, but recently moved to Montreal with her husband. She works for Editions Boreal, a fine book publisher. She had them take a look at my artwork and they ended up using a monotype for a cover!
She is a wonderful artist, amazing cook, fashionable beyond belief, and was one of the first people I met through the internet who became a dear close friend. I can't wait until she finishes her degree in design and has time to sketch again! We can't wait to go back to Paris and stay with her lovely parents. But first we must have some time together in Montreal again!

The word for the day is ... LOBSTER .... just because.

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I love lobsters. MmmmmMMMfe