January 05, 2007

iPod shuffle case

Ok a little braggin going on here - but darn if this isn't the cutest thing ever made from duct tape, by my daughter Chloe? This is the first one, too small for the shuffle, but could be wonderful for some other little items in one's handbag? Anyway, I lifted the flap a little so you can see the tiny velcro closure. It has earned her a place in the shop where her next models for the shuffle and other tiny mp3 players can be stored.
More to come later as we are admist hanging a new show!
The word for the day is .... weather .... as in UNDER the weather (yes, I am), climate change and Stormy Weather - one of my favorite jazz numbers.


Pat said...

Chloe sure is one talented young lady!!! Duct tape? For real? I'm coming in to see it next week!!

kstyle said...

Hi Susan

So glad I am not the only "bragging blogger" out there. I seem to do it on a pretty regular basis when My boys are invovled. Chloe obviuosly takes after her taleneted mom. k

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

love the choice of fabric!!