December 13, 2006

Sculpture exhibit

Jumping ahead to January (no, I truly am soaking in the current season here ...) we have a sculpture show in the works! Adam Pearson, Glenn Szegedy, and Meghan Sampson will be showing their latest works in the most diverse media. From alabaster to wax, stainless steel to basswood, there will be over 20 works on the walls and floorstanding to wow you in 3-D! Along with Glenn's ability to carve most any material, he is also a master at silk painting. We will have three a huge triptych of his work in three 8 feet by 4 feet panels hanging on the walls as well. The above photos are just little ticklers until a bit later.
Filling out the exhibition will be Judith Heller Cassell's etchings and 9 of the original "Calendar" girls from my 2007 paperdoll collage calendar. Three are already gone.

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