December 19, 2006

Merry Christmas Antics

new wave cookies by chloe
OK, going personal here, so click right outta here if you must.
But this much fun has to be recorded...
We had so much cooking fun tonight in kitchen chez esprit!
Lively lively christmas baking! We had all intentions of listening to the "new" christmas carols - you know, Sarah sings Silent night, something sweet by Jack Johnson ... Rudolf ? and what ever else the girls have been downloading free from iTunes this past month ...
but then, suddenly in between snickerdoodle production, chocolate crinkles, and two newbie just made for the first time receipes (see photo below) -- Talking Heads popped into the mix. Whoa!
That's all it takes. Iggy Pop followed - then - June Bug by The B52's. Chaos!
Spatulas spinning, mits a clapping, pans of sweet holiday cheer overbaking, the kitchen mosh pit appeared. Things broke down into a dance fest, with a finale of a spontaneous filming of two silly girls dancing to the Numa Numa song to send to their friends in Germany.
Say no more, the cookies were completed for tonight and then will be delivered tomorrow. I guess our evening sort of sums up our life motto - dance and bake while you can for who knows what tomorrow may bring?
(actually, we know full well... daughter #1 has three wisdom teeth coming out early in the a.m.)
So, just a small peek into our kitchen.
Formal fine art and design talk will resume tomorrow. Perhaps with a tad more sophisticated shots of quality baking, our holiday cards fashioned from a linocut and even the cutest gift I have EVER received...
Tomorrow also brings our call for entries to artstream's international Valentines day project!

a new cookie receipe by chloe - the actual cookies are in the top photo.


Anonymous said...

THAT's the way to do it! Good music choices! Glad you had such fun.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah baby! love the personal. glad your kitchen turned chaotic and joyful. those cookies look yummy.

carla said...

That sounds like a ton of fun! What a totally cool glimpse of the home-style side of art esprit:> Have a Happy Christmas:>

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Can't wait to hear more about the Valentine project!
Glad to hear about your "bakin' and dancin' and finger lickin' fun!"

diana said...

sounds fun !!!

Anonymous said...

oh those little elves are so cute and whimsical! I remember them or something like them when I was growing up! :)