December 04, 2006


corey amaro's photo :cupid available at our shop
This is the time of year for major lists ... for me at least. I have been naughty and not made them for almost a month however. Big problems. Forgot to pick up artwork at 2 (two!) of my shows. One word for that in the words of Bill the Cat "gak!".
Today (always "list make" on a Monday) is the day to wrap my head around that fabulous notepad and get it down in ink.
While doing that I thought of JuJu - one of my daily reads. I like her writing so much I even reread her posts between posts. She has a little list of likes and dislikes. (Thought I would try that here today too.) Meanwhile for you - check out these links which are full of inspiration... design*sponge has her new shop up full of great great things, Jan over at Poppytalk posted the most whimsical candle today, ullabenulla has more shots of her inspiring studio and new banner today, some more of Ashley G's tiny originals in our shop (and hers) along with the beautiful photographs of Corey Amaro!
And last but certainly first, thank you all for the warm and wonderful response to my calendar! It made for a busy weekend ... of the best kind! Orders are being shipped today! You all make me blush.
The word for the day is ... cerulean ... the blue which the sky is most August days... the color which goes so well with yellow ochre and the word which is so hard to remember how to spell.
coffee at dawn
quiet painting time
fedora chocolate
two of anything


Anonymous said...

What a great list Susan, and thanks for the mention! Can't wait to get my paperdoll calendar!!!

diana said...

thanks for the links... i ejoyed reading the other blogs..
hope to see you soon !

Jan Halvarson said...

my head is spinning with lists! thanks for the mention!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

You amaze me with all you do!

I hope the angel up above strikes a happy home!

andrea said...

You won't run out of calendars will you? I got distracted by Juju's fabulous blog and have to dash now but will be back.

Susan Schwake said...

there are plenty of calendars andrea!
and yes corey - that angel deserves a wonderful home!

andrea said...

It just occurred to me that what I want even more is one of those fantastic primitive ceramic necklaces you made way back in the spring -- the ones on the long leather laces. But I can't find them in the shop. Where do I go?

Anonymous said...

I hate whistling too. Especially my mother's. She's good at it but I don't really want a trill with every piece of music mom.
What be Fedora Chocolate? This could be trouble me thinks.

Susan Schwake said...

yuck yuck juju! yeah... whistlers even by mothers is just not appealing!
fedora chocolate is from germany and is NOTHING but trouble!

Susan Schwake said...

ah andrea! i have a few left - i will photo them and put them up in the under thirty shop section!

andrea said...

Great! Let me know when they're there so I can have first pick. :)