November 04, 2006

Poems, art and guests

Just insode the door: Corey Amaro's photographs and poem

an early guest with Adam's sculpture

guests and artist Matt Wyatt on r. Paris Breakfasts behind - on the wall!

am on left, for whom I am ever indebted to for his
generous help, constantly. Part of his new sculpture.

side shot of the window, birds, bags and photos
close up of the coe and waito birds and lily devine handbags

Last night proved to be a wonderful experience for both the poets and the artists and our guests. Special note went to the extra extra girley window filled with beautiful French photographs and poems, and our newest handmade, each one of a kind, Lily Devine handbags! A few more snippets here of some of the guests and then on to some of the individual works ... later!

Pat Frisella and Manny on left Jen White on right


Funky Finds said...

looks great susan! i love the pink setup & the mixed media piece especially.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Susan! Girlie-girl and all!!!

andrea said...

You have such an eclectic mix of stuff (you are the perfect owner/curator) -- there really is something for everyone.

Anonymous said...

What fun! Corey's photos are absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful show. I wish I could have been there (heck, I wish my work could be in your gallery!). It was especially nice to see Corey's photos (she told me about this show a little while ago).

Cheers, Colette