November 20, 2006

Party Game Winners

It's Monday and I promised presents, so here are the two winners of the Party Game! The answers were wonderfully creative and were a lot of fun to read - kstyle's potato slices, Ulla's snowflakes at a carnival to the rain on the window from many of you - all good guesses. The two winners are Feli and LadyK as they guessed bubbles and effervecence! This painting is a throwback to what I doodled for hours with as a high schooler - bubbles. That was the original inspiration - even though the end product looks (to me) most like river pebbles as Jan pointed out, my thoughts were on bubbles. Thanks for making my blog-a-versery so much fun! Send me an email ladies with your mailing addresses and your swirldrops will be posted this week to you! If any of you are interested in these ornaments, they are at the shop now too right here 2 for $12.

The word for the day is ... prepare ... as in guest rooms, holiday treats and last minute lists!


Anonymous said...

HOOORAAY!!! I never won anyhting in my life. BTW, tell me again what did I win? heheheh... it doesnt matter what I won. hehehehhehe.....I am just so happy

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Congratualations lucky winners!!

Anonymous said...

these ornies look fabulous. really like the colors, well done! and it's so great to see the filmstream pics.

One Crabapple said...

hmm I missed this game !! darn it.

That is what I get for being tardy to visit !!!!

note to self....need more blogging time !

xxo- Love, S.