November 17, 2006


Yes, it's tomorrow. Rainer made a trailer video of the chosen movies which you can all watch, and for those who can attend you can see the rest of the movies ... come early - we are almost sold out!
Go to our design studio site for more infomation on all the movies, the film makers and other good stuff!

Nice trailer Rainer!
note: there seems to be problems with posting comments - feel free to email me if you have something to say! or guess for the party game... ;-)
photos tomorrow on the film fest!


andrea said...

YI can visit again!

You have a very talented husabnd, Susan! (And I hear he cooks, too! :) Sounds like a perfect way to spend a gloomy November evening.

Anonymous said...

Rainer hat einen klasse Trailer gemacht, bravo! Macht Appetit auf mehr. War bestimmt toll gestern.

Susan Schwake said...

ja ja belinda, das ist wahr!
andrea, he does cook, which is a bonus... and it was a fun evening!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

The beauty of foriegn men!!

Pat said...

WOW. Pretty dramatic stuff: wish I could have been there!! Congrats to both you and Rainer. Pat