November 22, 2006

Amy Stacey Curtis

Take some time and check out the new SOUND installationby Amy Stacey Curtis. It's her fourth installation and wonderful. Thanks to Kris Lanzer (February 24, 2006) for keeping me abreast of these cool events.


biscotti dana said...

Hi, Susan,

Thanks for including me Saturday night at filmstream! I had a marvelous time--great films, wonderful crowd and fantastic award sculptures. Bravo and well done!

FYI: I included a shout out to the event and a link to artstream in my latest blog.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving.


simon said...

hello Susan!

You like Midnight Oil! A great Aussie Band.


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

The measure of time,
great photo
sounds of Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

Anonymous said...

I remember those matronome (or how ever you spell it.) back in the days where i use to play the piano. ehehhehe