October 27, 2006

Tinkerbell goes to the party

One down, one to go. Am I deadline oriented or what? The middle school band party tonight made Tinkerbell sewing a little bit highspeed today... I can't use patterns as I just don't get the directions - I always think I have a better idea. Well, I don't, but somehow I think I do!
So I rely on elastic, glittery bits to cover areas which need masking and well, tulle is a wonder material for covering a multitude of sins. .. This costume depends heavily on "ruching" for shape.
I only do this costume making for the glory of my children telling me I am a brilliant "sewer". (indeed I am not!) when in fact if it were not for my brilliant husband fixing the really tough parts and helpfully suggesting in a knowing way that "I don't think that is a good idea" I would never get through it at all! He can sew beautifully. Including turning a worn collar, patching pants in areas which I just look at them and say, how on earth do you get to that spot to sew? ... you get the picture. Yes folks, he helps me with my knitting and photoshop lessons too. If I didn't love him so very much I would be jealous of him!
I feel ridiculous about this costumes accessories "the WINGS" though as I posted on Whip up this week: " How to make wings" .. er... visions of grandeur on my part. Reason? Yes, I have a good excuse ... Daughter #1 saw this costume in process and instantly said, I want that too. The wings flew out the window. Walgreens supplied wings at disgustingly low prices. I buckled and decided it was time for a glass of white wine and a little painting time too.
The word for the day is ... compromise ... as in a balance between what is actually humanly possible vs. what idyllic fantasy one may conjour up in ones imagination!


Anonymous said...

Your daughter's pose says it all. Wonderful job Susan! Tinker Bell looks fabulous. I hear you on the compromise. A tough one for the perfectionist side.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

strike a pose tinkerbell!!

Anonymous said...

what a pretty tinkerbell! what a creative and talented family you are. very right to enjoy the glass of wine and buy wings.

Anonymous said...

You are a FABULOUS mom! Really! You ARE! The Tinkerbell costume looks so sweet. Good job!

LadyLinoleum said...

What a fabulous costume!

I would love it if the hubs could help me with my stuff. I'd have another pair of hands then!

You're lucky to have him!

Anonymous said...

I love Tinkerbell! Making a costume is much better than buying one. My mother made many of our costumes growing up. In fact, I took my own daughter to a Halloween party this weekend. I kept trying to talk my sister into wearing the clown costume my mother made. She said never.
So as my daughter gets older (2 now) I will be calling you. I can't sew a button to save my pants.
PS: Love the site!

Susan Schwake said...

holy petunia! it's zinnia!
thanks for stopping by and send me your new email... i don't have it!