October 23, 2006

Free time

Knitting some of the loveliest yarn I have ever seen or felt. From natasha it is merino wool hand spun and hand dyed with a lovely color and well, it is helping my remedial knitting issue. This is how far I have gone. Doesn't look like a lot, but with all that keeps my hands busy, it is as far as I have ever gone. I can't wait to finish it. Does look rather smashing on my table runner from design*sponge shop though, doesn't it? Tonight is tackling the tinkerbell from hell costume. Living in a cooler climate makes for "issues" with children's costumes. Warmth vs. Style. I am pattern free and crazy to even attempt this as daughter #2 is a fashion diva. We'll see how it goes.
The word for the day is ...perseverance... as in keep at it.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful yarn. I would think that gorgeous color and texture would be motivation enough to complete a scarf. Can't wait to see the costume.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

The color is what caught my eye!

natasha said...

look at how well you are doing! i tend to use big needles for everything so i can make not a lot of yarn go a long way. plus, it knits up fast! yay for knitting!