October 16, 2006

Black and Orange

mixed media on arches paper 7 inches by 6 inches
Penelope Dullaghan has done it again! Have you seen the new Black and Orange contest? Click on over to view some Halloween magic with black and orange colorways. Get cracking if you haven't submitted yet -- the bewitching hour is drawing near! My entry deals with my anxiety of the children's Halloween costumes. Each year we put together their ideas with what we have on hand or can be thrifted. Some of their costumes over the years have been hilarious. Examples:
Cloud 9, a bad bird, superhero - as in the one she had a dream about, a dinner table (cardboard box) with head sticking through a (tinfoil) platter - complete with parsley and baugette, princesses and fairies galore, pirate queen and a monarch butterfly. To say the least, I stick to my guns and try and make the costumes (often with them) and so that is where my Black and Orange entry idea came about. I am inadequate as a seamstress, but determined beyond belief.
Just another little tidbit for you all -- artstream will be showing original work by Penelope next May in the gallery!


Anonymous said...

Hah! Love the caption over your Halloween painting! I still have to create something for Penelope's Black and Orange contest...gotta get to it! You're going to be featuring some of Penelope's work at the gallery? Cool! She's such a good illustrator, isn't she? Also, I received your painting in the mail and I love it, Susan! Thank you sooo much! I sent you an email and have posted the painting on my blog - http://www.susannassketchbook.typepad.com.

Anonymous said...

I could sure identify with the halloween costume anxiety; I also made ours... and you know; the kids enjoyed them so much more as they were part of the process; plus the original concepts of the costumes. Wishing I could see Penelope works in person!