October 09, 2006

Angela Johe Porcelain

Three years ago while traveling back to my husband's home in Muenster through the Black Forest in Germany, we stopped overnight randomly in a little town which was off the autobahn and found the most enchanting gallery called Gallerien Neun ... right around the corner from our lodging. It was closed for the evening, but we thought we would try the next day - even though it was a Sunday.
The next day we set out of the zimmerfrei and walked around the village. First stop was the beautiful gallery. There and then began a wonderful friendship with the owner, Angela Gwinner. That is a story for another day however ... but I did find some of the most beautiful porcelain pieces I have ever seen in her gallery. The artist's name was Angela Johe. I still have the postcard with her work on it I loved it so! Here are some of her beautiful pieces in objects, hanging lights, and dishes. She also does installations. I love her work and hope to carry it at artstream soon! (stay posted...) Thank you Angie for introducing us to another Angela!

The word for the day is ... bask ... in the sun, in the love, and in the kind words of others!


Pat said...

The covered vessel is reminiscent of antique glass with those glass bumps. I have a piece that belonged to my paternal grandmother. A pale blue with rounds of bumps....I think it was called vaseline glass???? Anyway, very lovely.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous lamps! i love the fluidity of porcelain. what interesting things you find out there!

Anonymous said...

The white china looks like it is floating. Beautiful!

natasha said...

as a sculpture student, it was work like this that really moved me. so pretty! otherwordly.