September 03, 2006

Sunday happiness

This drizzly weekend has been no match for DH's sunny spirit and excellent DIY remodeling abilities. Am I glowing? You bet. We have had our home office studio ripped apart for a week before vacation and then for the past week after. Before pictures were too terrible for me to even take. Imagine, pasty flesh colored walls with green carpet complete with paint splatters on it. OK, imagine no more. I really wanted this room to be painted with a color which would calm and inspire as well as not be over vibrant with it's southern exposure. I am very happy with it's beachy freshness. HA! where did THAT come from? Anyway, it is clean looking which helps my head when it comes to work.
I am so thrilled with the new floor and wall color and my first new desk in 20 years that I could sing. (don't worry, I won't)

DH won't give up the black desk peeking in from the left, (yet) so I decided to add black (our collective favorite color) into the mix with this great fabric I got at IKEA. I have to make the panels yet, so it is still folded on my art shelf. Nothing is really moved in yet for the walls, or the painting studio stuff, so it is pretty bare. But I set up some of our latest favorite things for inspiration in the next week, to finish off the rest. Our Johnathan Adler pieces - wedding present from the lovely Tamara, butterfly from Peurto Rico, Chloe's "ceramic lady in a bathtub jellybean dish" see her peek over her bubbles?, more wedding vases, and some shells and sea stars from vacation.

I still have the other table to set up next to the easel for drawing and flat work along with the crafting, sewing and occasional other artists who love to pop in from their lairs upstairs. It feels good to get this far and well, it is nice to take our time in choosing from our artworks to put on the walls. The overhead halogen wire tracks will be next week too. That will add a lot of light come dark December. Who knows? more shelves on the wall too for the paints and well, my wires to hang all my bits and pieces of papers of ideas too. That has to go up. It all takes time..

The word for the day is ... weekend ... a great store in East Orleans, MA, the time where one can relax in their favorite place (home!) and the days you recieve for your hard work!


Pat said...

Hello! I love that blue ocean blue on your walls. Indeed, calming. You know, that DH of your is quite a prize! Pretty, smart, talented, energetic! And more. WOW. Pat

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I AM SO JELOUS!!! I want a new office too!! ehehe your table is Fantabulous!!

Anonymous said...

Fresh Studio space Susan ! Love how it's modern yet it's also very comfty ! :) Nice !

String said...

What a great colour! Looks lovely and almost ready for creation - love those brown and white vases btw!

Anonymous said...

Oooh...a fresh new studio! Imagine what it will look like a year from now with art-in-progress on your desk and a painting on the easel! It's a studio with promise.